About Company

Wind energy has been used in human process of living for a long time. Since hundreds of years ago, people have applied winds to create mechanical energy such as turning windmills, or moving sailboats or hot air balloons.

We then have new steps in use of wind to produce electric power to apply a great deal of green energy in modern life. Wind resource is a natural resource and self renewable, not polluting. According to statistics, the usage of wind power capacity is increasing every year due to its superiority to the life and the environment. In modern technology, we have significantly reduced the initial investment costs to exploit the wind and gain higher productivity. However, this technology requires more initial investment than traditional generators. Costs are about 80% for machinery, balanced design and installation. In the long term, however, costs are more competitive than other electricity industries because of the inexpensive input costs and minimal operating costs.Our company, (Wind Energy Inc Limited) is an officially registered company in United Kingdom, on business and production of clean energy from the wind. The company is increasing its sales volume and developing new directions of extreme growth in modern industrial applications.

We are currently developing more offices to exploit this potential source of energy. By joining us, you only need to register, make a deposit and feel the clarity and professionalism in cooperation with Wind Energy Inc Limited!

The essence of activities of our company.

The nature of our company's operations is that from our headquarters in United Kingdom, we connect with major partners in the world by conferences in many countries. Quarterly market reports of the wind industry are to provide a quick look at wind industry performance and trend, including new wind power capacity, wind projects being built and being developing in advanced, along with the new power trading deals. Wind project details in the quarterly reports include project owner, turbine manufacturer, project size and power purchaser.

Customers, who are power purchasers, whether they are utility companies, cities, universities, etc. are increasingly seeking how to make wind power play an important part of their energy portfolio. Wind energy accounts for more than 30% of total new power capacity in 2018, and increases billions of dollars in new investments. Wind turbine generators are often used as alternators with multiple pairs of poles due to the simple structure and low speed characteristics of the wind turbine. Wind energy generators are built near together and the electricity produced is mixed into a common electrical network and then converted to a suitable power source. There are now two popular types of turbines, the horizontal axis and the vertical one. The horizontal axis is the traditional type as shown above, while the vertical one is a new technology, always rotating with all the wind.

Wind is a renewable source of energy and is not limited but because wind is not blowing regularly to provide continuous energy, so the electricity generated by wind turbines can be used in combination with other energy sources such as solar, hydropower, tide energy. Renewable energy sources are existing throughout the geographic regions. The rapid and effective use of renewable energy has important implications for energy security, climate changing mitigation, and economic benefits. If combining all external costs (including environmental damage, such as the emission of hazardous substances), wind energy is one of the cheapest and safest energy.